Alternative Treatments for Mental Health

We live in a stressful time and many factors of modern life can increase that stress causing us to feel anxious, depressed, fatigued or other negative emotions.  This distress is very real and can be difficult to live with.

The American public and their doctors have been told over and over again how depression and other mental “disorders” are the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be adjusted by taking the proper medication. This theory has never been proven to be true.  It has however sold a lot of drugs.

Unfortunately these drugs have proven to be dangerous and frequently addictive.

But there are solutions to stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and the host of other mental and emotional travails that do not depend on chemicals.  The solutions we’re going to cover in this section have been scientifically investigated and many are used successfully in medical practices in the United States and abroad.

Are there Real Tests to Diagnose Mental Problems?

Dr. James Greenblatt, writing for Psychology today, refers to psychiatry as a “measureless medicine”, based on the fact that no physical tests exist for the measurement of depression, anxiety, ADHD or the other diagnosed mental “disorders”.

However tests for real physical problems and deficiencies do exist.  These tests lead to discovering an actual medical or nutritional problem, if one exists, and can thereby offer a true solution to that problem.

If you are not being given a full medical check-up, including looking for dietary and nutritional deficiencies, then you need to find a health provider who will take the time and care to do this.

One of the first factors you should be aware of in looking for a measurable and real medical reason for depression, anxiety or any of the other mental ills we seem to be predisposed toward in our current lifestyle is that many commonly prescribed medications can actually CAUSE mental and emotional problems.


Simple But Effective Solutions to Mental and Emotional Problems

Whether you are trying to decide if you should fill that prescription for a psychoactive drug or are trying to rebuild your health after addiction or simply trying to maintain your mental and emotional help these alternatives to meds are worth trying.

We do not advise that you do anything against the advice of your doctor.  But if your doctor advises you to take a powerful psychoactive medication such as an antidepressant, anti-anxiety medication or anti-psychotic, get a second (or third) opinion.  It is your own health and sanity at stake.

Obviously, if you are currently addicted to a painkiller or psychiatric medication you do need to get help in coming off the medication.  Don’t try to do it yourself.  You can call us or fill out the form on this site and we can help get you connected with a treatment program that’s right for you and your current situation.

  • Exercise/Physical Activity
  • Getting Sufficient Rest
  • Avoiding a Dangerous Diet
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Putting Order into Your Life
  • Talking to a Friend
  • Avoid Watching News and other Depressing Activities
  • Helping Others
  • Acupuncture/Chiropractic/Massage Therapies

Call Get Off Meds if you or a friend are considering taking prescription medications as a solution to a mental or emotional difficulty to go over alternatives.  If you are currently taking such a medication call Get Off Meds right away.  Do not try withdrawing on your own or implementing any alternatives without medical guidance.



*  Nothing in this section or on this website is to be construed as medical advice.