Q: When is the best time to start treatment?

    Unfortunately addiction, whether to a street drug or to one that has initially been prescribed by a doctor, does not go
away on it’s own.  You need help.  And you need to do something about it now.

Q:  How do I know if I have a problem with addiction? 

      Signs of addiction include:

Needing higher doses to get the same effects you once had.

You are unable to cut down or quit due to withdrawals such as nausea,
agitation, tiredness, depression, anxiety or other unwanted feelings.

You find you are spending more and more time thinking about the medications you are taking.

You tend to always be aware of how many pills you have left and are worried about running out.

The medication you are taking is causing problems in your life with family, friends or work?

You have to take more of the drug to take care of your initial problem.

You find you are taking more of the medication than your doctor prescribed.

If you are even considering addiction as a possibility it would be a good idea
to give us a call and talk things over with one of our consultants.  They can help.


Q:  What does drug tolerance have to do with addiction?

Certain medications, such as narcotic painkillers and sedatives such as Xanax and other psychiatric medications, are known to create tolerance.  The more the body develops tolerance to a drug the more of that drug or the stronger the dosage is needed to create the same effect.  This creates an ever-escalating need for higher doses which easily leads to addiction.

Q:  Should I ever try to cut down or stop a prescription medication on my own?

No.  The potential withdrawal side effects can be so confusing and dangerous that trying to taper off or quit any prescription painkiller or psychoactive drug without the advice and assistance of a medical practitioner is definitely not recommended.  Be safe.  Call us at 888-745-9950 or fill out the form on this page to get help.

Q:  What makes Get Off Meds different from other places?

When you speak with a consultant at Get Off Meds you are talking to someone who has information about and access to a variety of detox programs all of which have been very carefully selected by the Get of Meds team.  We only work with the best and most successful detox programs.

 Each individual situation is different and no one program is right for everyone.  We connect the person up with the program that is right for them.

Q:  Will it be painful or uncomfortable to come off a prescription drug addiction?

The truth is that there is no easy and thoroughly comfortable way to come off a drug or alcohol addiction.  But with proper scientific knowledge, successful procedures and caring and knowledgeable staff any pain or discomfort is eased and becomes thoroughly tolerable.

What you just need to keep in mind is that the pain of staying addicted and losing yourself or someone you love to addiction, and possibly even premature death, is much, much worse.

Keep your eyes on the goal of experiencing the pleasure and happiness of a drug-free future.


Q:  What types of detoxification do you recommend?

We only recommend medically supervised detoxes with a proven successful track record.  Each person is treated as the unique individual that they are.  The staff is fully trained in all aspects of ensuring your detox has the highest degree of comfort and success.  The detoxes we recommend also emphasize the replenishment of the vital supplements necessary to restore the nutrients the drugs have stripped from your body.  Too many detoxes omit this incredibly important aspect of your full recovery.

Q:  What about if I don’t have great insurance, can you still help?

Yes.  Your success is important to us and we have many options and
programs available so we can get you going on the right one for you.