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1984? Brave New World of Mental Health Screening

WE USED TO THINK THIS COULD ONLY HAPPEN IN THE OLD USSR. Mental Health Screening can Only Lead to Mandatory Drugging

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Medical Informed Consent Study

Informed Consent in Medicine is, according to the American Medical Association, an ethical and legal doctrine to be upheld by doctors in their relationship with patients.  We are conduction a study of Medical Informed Consent and its current application in the clinical environment.  To participate by filling out a short questionnaire, please visit httP://  

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Have You Ever Really Given Informed Consent?

The following has been taken directly from the website of the American Medical Association.  It is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure you truly have given informed consent for any treatment or procedure and this includes when you are being prescribed a medication with a huge number of side effects and warnings.  You must be informed […]

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