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A Prescription Drug Doesn’t Know When it’s Being Taken “Recreationally”

Below is a short article taken from AOL about a young man who died a senseless and violent death while under the influence of the frequently prescribed stimulant Adderall. The article states that, “When taken recreationally, Adderall can cause blood-pressure spikes, confusion and dizziness. “ Let be real here, a drug does not know when […]

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Lunesta Drug Pushers

Warnings for Lunesta that the Lunesta Drug Pushers Don’t Like to Mention I have been seeing many, many advertisements for Lunesta popping up on my screen as I look for various things on the web. These ads always offer 7 days free – for a prescription medication.  This certainly demonstrates the fact that pharmaceutical companies […]

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Prescription Drug Lawsuits

A Few Medications that You Will Find the Subject of Prescription Drug Lawsuits In a previous post I wrote about checking to see if a drug you have been prescribed is the subject of a prescription drug lawsuit and how you can go about checking this.  Here are some addictive and psychoactive drugs I looked […]

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Prescription Drugs, Dangers and Drug Lawsuits

Speeding Drugs to Market Can Lead to Prescription Drug Related Lawsuits. Despite the numerous prescription drug lawsuits that occur after drugs come on the market, pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to easily push new drugs through the FDA as their “older” drugs come off patents. Unfortunately, due to the cozy relationship between pharma and the FDA, not […]

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